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I have lots of interests: makeup, gardening, cooking, fashion, writing, publishing, photography, videography. I am also living with fibromyalgia. Sometimes, fibro tries to prevent me from living a full life. When that happens, I use my super powers to outsmart it, cause I'm cool like that.

FYI: My sites contain affiliate links. I am telling you this because I am not sketchy...stealthy maybe, but not sketchy. I spend hours and hours writing, taking photos and videos, and I use that as a means (among other ways) to support myself. In most cases, I am not the creator of these products, so I don't have control over what happens after you leave my site. But, when I review or recommend something, it's because I like it and it's worked for me. I am honest about my thoughts (sometimes too honest). If you like what you read or see and want to support my efforts, click on a link or two.


gardening, cooking, makeup, clothes, living well with fibromyalgia